Does your business need sustainable coffee?

"Quality and accountability through direct family channels; enabling customers to easily trace the bean heritage and to see, upfront, exactly how their buying strategy can make a significant difference."

to see the True Seed-To-Cup Beanealogy Relationship Coffee Experience.

We offer our customers, retail and wholesale the true direct seed-to-cup to our customers. Our house coffee is Selva Negra Estate Coffee and it comes from Heddy's (Beanealogy owner) family's coffee farm in Nicaragua. Through our Beanealogy, we grow the beans, process them, export, import, roast and brew them for our customers. We have wholesale accounts where customers may purchase our coffees green or roasted. We sell in five-pound bags for restaurants and coffee shops or pre-packs for retail and grocery stores. Check us out below for great reasons to use us and of course check out our prices too. You may contact us via email at or call us at 678-296-1770, be sure to ask for Steve or Heddy.

  • Equipment well Below List Value As a roaster and rep of espresso and brewing equipment we get excellent discounts and pass on these savings to our customers.

  • Relationship with Coffee Farmer Our background is coffee farming, my family has been farming coffee since 1883. We run the Selva Negra Coffee Estate in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua. We can offer you a personal relationship with the family that grows the coffee. The best part is a trip to origin! We make two trips to Selva Negra Coffee Estate a year. Both trips are during coffee season.

  • We GROW and ROAST our beans As stated above we grow our own beans. This gives us a lot of control and gives you a lot of information on our house coffee

  • Wide Selection of Organic, Sustainable, Fairly Traded Coffees We offer a wide selection of high quality sustainably grown coffees exceeding fair trade standards.

  • On site Coffee Training We will join you at your location to train your staff. We'll train your staff on the espresso bar and assist you with logistics and other coffee needs you may have. We run our own coffee shop and hence we have industry experience.

  • Shop Training at our Store Are you looking to open up your own shop? Well then you'll need some real industry experience. We've trained a few new shop owners at our own shop. You'll experience the rush and the real-time responibilities and drills to running your own shop.

  • Help with Maintenance We can help you out with small maintance here and there trying to save you money.

  • Online Reordering Process (soon to come) Soon you'll be able to login into our secure server and reorder products for your location.

  • Custom Pre-Packs We pre-pack for retail sales in any size bags, ground, whole-bean, decaf, custom blends, custom labels, etc.

  • Custom Blends We can create custom signiature blends for your location. We'll work with your staff on creating a blend and roast profile that will suite your shop.

  • Save on Cost of Goods We run a shop and hence can share costs of syrups, teas, smoothies and other coffee extras with you. This saves us all on shipping and extras by ordering in bulk.

  • Coffee consulting Coffee consulting, we can be your ask-it-all point people. We've made mistakes and have great contacts in the coffee industry. My folks speak at many SCAA, NCA and other coffee tradeshows. My father has written books on coffee.

We're easy to contact. You may reach Steve directly at 678-296-1770 or via email always at

Thanks and sincerely,
Heddy & Steve

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